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Greetings from our pack to yours!  I’m a Florida native and career banker of 36 years that enjoys life with my family and four-legged companions.  An animal lover since childhood, I spent some time working in a veterinarian office but found my true passion in 1998 when I began volunteering with a local rescue.  The next 5 years were spent observing, learning and helping that group to develop and expand their dog program.


With a desire to accomplish even more, in 2003 I decided to venture out to organize a new group and Lost Angels Animal Rescue, Inc. was formed.  As the Director and Co-Founder, I manage the day to day aspects of the group, provide leadership and guidance to our volunteers, and ensure that the overall operations of Lost Angels is in accordance to our mission statement and goals that were established.  

My foster dogs range in all sizes and breeds, but those I hold dearest are the Jack Russell and German Shepherd.  I believe that a structured life and training make for a well-balanced and happy dog, which is why I have been involved in behavioral training for the past 13 years.


So come, sit and stay for a while and you’re guaranteed to make new friends!!

Jacquelin Wester:  Secretary & Donor Relations Coordinator

I started rescue when I saved my American Bulldog mix, Goliath.  He had been mistreated and neglected; however, my husband and I were in love the moment we saw him.  Goliath made me think about all of the other dogs out there that must need help.  I applied to foster with Lost Angels in 2007.  I fell in love with this group and the fact that they saved dogs of all breeds, ages, and ailments. 

My husband and I have 3 dogs of our own, Dalyla and Sampson (Chi's) and Goliath (ABD mix).  We also have a cat named Gabby.  We love and foster all breeds, from Pitbulls to Jack Russell's.

Tina Hines:  Youth Volunteer Program Leader & Training Team

Hello, My name is Tina and I am a foster mom for Lost Angels.  I am also head of the Teen Volunteer Program.  This program is for Teens that are 15 to 18 yrs old.  This is for independent youth who can take charge in helping raise money for the animals we rescue.  These young people can become Youth Leaders and start their own teams of other volunteers to hold car washes, conduct bake sales, and other events to support Lost Angels.  The sky is the limit - just get out there and have fun helping save lives!  For more information email me at rescuerover@yahoo.com.  (FYI:  there are things that the younger kids can do, too, so please email me for more information on that as well).

A little about me, I have 5 personal dogs.  I have a Wolf/Shepherd mix, a Shepherd/Husky/Akita mix, a Great Pyrenees, a Poodle, and last but not least, a Chihuahua.  I love all dogs, but my favorites are big dogs.  One of my personal dogs is a therapy dog.  We visit children who are in the court system.  Both Myki and I enjoy doing this because we love to give these children a reason to smile.

I have been rescuing dogs for some time, but have only been with Lost Angels since 2009.  I try to make sure that all of my dogs are well balanced before they go to their forever home.  I love all of my foster dogs as if they are my own dogs.  I take in all breeds.  I would rather take in pups or young dogs, as I do some basic training with them so they find and keep their forever home.  I am unable to train all of my fosters, but I do my best with giving them the love and time they need to find that forever home.

Thank you so much for looking in to rescuing a dog.


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